Jackson’s March Madness

Jackson's Race updates for the past month of spring racing. 


River Road March 7th- This was my first road race of the year, and my first in the A category as well. I was excited to get the season started, and the weather was typical of spring series- Cold and raining! Only the week before the roads were covered with snow which cancelled the race, but this week I had to get on the heat rub and race my bike! As soon as the race was started, the attacking began. I raced aggressive and tried to get in moves that looked good, but for a few laps nothing got away. A small group of three got a small gap on the back stretch, and then a few more bridged. It then looked dangerous, and I made a few tries to get across. We chased for a while, and I launched a few more attacks but they were gone. Our group rolled into the finish a few minutes later, and I was second in the bunch sprint placing me 7th. I decided that the next day I will race A’s again, hopefully not missing the break this time. I added a photo from right before the race, getting heat rub put on!


Wix Brown March 8th- The weather turned good for the rolling course, and that brought a bigger field. I was excited to race, and really wanted to be in the break. We had four fast laps of constant attacking, before four got a bit of a gap and the rest slowed up. I launched an attack, and chased hard to get up but no luck. I was then reeled back into the pack, were I recovered for a lap before trying again. This time three of us got away, and rode off from the group. With two laps to go, the leaders were around 30 seconds ahead. On this lap we caught two riders who had fallen off from the leaders, and a lone rider bridged from the pack to our group. With one to go there was two riders up the road, three of us in a break and the pack chasing hard. From very early on the break away riders started to conserve there legs, letting the pack come dangerously close. We turned the final corner, the 2nd place rider was no more than 20 seconds ahead, and the pack not even 20 seconds behind. Jeff Werner initiated the sprint, with a Musette rider right on his wheel. I jumped on but could not come around, holding on for 5th place.


Feature Friday Night Racing # 4 March 21st- This week I had a Cycling Canada camp at the velodrome, 5 days of training then staying for racing on Friday. By the time I got to the track, I was pretty tired from the week! This was the final Feature Friday Night Race, with double points on the line. I raced hard finishing 3rd in the Scratch race, 4th in the elimination and 5th in the points race. This put me 5th overall in the A Feature Friday Night Racing Series.

Spring Series Atomic March 23rd- After resting Saturday from a week of racing, I went to my 3rd road race of the year. The weather had turned out good, and a large A field had showed up. Among the field was National road race Champion Zach Bell, who I tried to stay on his wheel the whole race. The whole group managed to keep with him on some small attacks, but when he put in a big attack on one of the hills, I couldn't follow him all the way up. The group then split up, and I was feeling pretty gassed from following Zach's wheel. I rolled through the finish with the pack for 9th place.


Spring Series Snake Hill March 30th- Today was the first road race of the BC Premier Racing Series, which I registered for in Cat. 1/2. When I got to the circuit, the Cat 3 and 4 fields were racing in the pouring rain, a few riders each lap pulling out of the race because of the weather. I got fully prepared to spend 3 hours in the cold, but luckily not too far into our race the rain stopped, and eventually the sun emerged. Russ Hay’s had a full squad out for this race, which was challenging to match in the race. I went with a few early moves, but hey didn’t end up getting far.  On the 4th lap up Snake Hill the pack split up, I ended up in the second group on the road, which I stayed in until the finish. I sprinted to the finish for 7th place, First of our group.