Bicycles and costumes - what more could you ask for? Photo: Paul Craig

Bicycles and costumes - what more could you ask for? Photo: Paul Craig

Welcome to the 8th Annual Pumpkin Cross cyclo-cross race presented by Local Ride Bike Racing on Sunday, November 2, 2014! This fun and action-packed family cycling event is traditionally Halloween-themed and features best costume prizes. The event is geared to all abilities and ages of cyclists with the number one goal of having a great and spoooky time on two wheels.

Cyclo-cross rules and format document here.

Registration - Save $10 by PRE-Registering! Sign up here.

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Registration closes 30 minutes prior to each race. Save time on race morning and register online.

  • Pre-Registered: $30 online until 6:00pm, Thur., Oct. 30 EXTENDED
  • Day-of: $40 (cash only)
  • Novice (C) Women: $25 (includes license)
  • Novice (C) U19, U17, U15, U13: $20
  • Kids Race: Free

New to Pumpkin Cross this year!

Team Challenge

As part of Pumpkin Cross, there will be a team event in the beginner and intermediate categories.There will be a prize for the winning team in each category.  

Team Challenge Rules:

Riders register individually on-line in their respected category.  Team captains will contact Barry at to provide team name, registered riders and category.Teams can be made-up of male, female or mixed as long as they are all in the same start time. Riders will get ranked in the order they placed in their category and an overall team ranking will be comprised. Teams will be judged on their team costume, and will be ranked accordingly. The overall winning team will be a combination of the race results and costume results.

New Balance Costume Contest

The Pumpkin Cross Costume Contest is quickly becoming even bigger than the bike racing itself. To qualify you must register in any category, race and be in costume.  Winners are determined via crowd voting along with the recommendations of the judges.  

New Balance has come on board to offer a pair of shoes to the winner of the contest.  There will also be a prize for the best kids contest.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Specialty Wheeled Race

New for 2014 will be the addition of the Ridge Meadows Specialty Wheeled Race.  This event will see young kids from throughout the Lower Mainland challenge a race course on their wheeled race machine of choice.  For more information and to register go to:




  • Riders are eligible to race Beginner and Intermediate categories with a Cycling BC citizen license.
  • Elite (A) riders must hold a UCI race license.
  • 1 day licenses will also be available for $5 youth and $10 adult.

Categories + Race Duration

Elite (A)

  • Men - 60 Minutes
  • Women - 45 Minutes
  • Master Men 40+ - 45 Minutes

Intermediate (B)  (Includes U19 and U17 Intermediate Riders)         

  • Men - 45 Minutes
  • Women – 45 Minutes
  • Single Speed – 45 Minutes

Beginner (C)                    

  • Novice Men – 30 Minutes
  • Novice Women – 30 Minutes
  • U19, U17, U15, U13 – 30 Minutes

Kids Race

  • Laps of modified course


  • Beginner (C) - 10:00 am
  • Elite (A) - 10:45 am
  • Beginner Podium - 11:00 am
  • CDC Adapted Cross Race - 11:45 am to 12:15 pm
  • Kids Race - 12:15 pm                                                 
  • Intermediate (B) - 12:30 pm
  • Final Podium - 1:30 am

*Times subject to change

Category Upgrades

If you have 2 wins or 3 top five finishes in races within your specific category, you will be required to up-grade to the next category level.

Lapped Riders

All lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the first place rider. If there are 45+ in a category, lapped riders will be pulled by the commissaire.

Podium and Awards

All riders receiving awards are required to be present for the podium, and be in proper podium attire (clean cycling kit).  In theme based races which involve costumes, your sponsor jersey is still required.  Failure to do so can result in loss of prize or award

Bike Requirements

  • There will not be any restrictions in regards to type of bike or tire size for Beginner and Intermediate races.
  • Elite races will be subject to UCI rules when it comes to bikes and tire size/width. This is to help prepare our Elite racers for Nationals and other UCI races. *See more below under UCI Course + Bike Regulations

Race Course Etiquette

Riders are not permitted to ride on courses prior to race day, unless special permission is allowed.  Courses may also be subject to modification or cancellation due to heavy rain. It is also suggested that all racers allow extra time post-race to assist organizer in helping to clean-up and restore the race site.

Call-up will be based on order of registration.

Parking and Venue
We will once again be using the Maple Ridge Equi-Sport Centre / North Alouette Greenway Park, located on Park Lane just off of 132 Ave. in Maple Ridge. Racers will be treated to a fabulous course, with some spooky technical twists, plenty of slimy, off-camber grass, some screaming fast gravel, and wicked barriers.

***Note: Please no pre-riding of the course until race morning. This is horse territory and horses and bikes tend not to get along. Thank you for your understanding.

UCI Cyclo-cross Course + Bike Regulations

  • The maximum width of the tire is set at 33 mm, measured at the widest part of the tire.
  • Disc brakes are now permitted.
  • There is a restriction of 6 man made obstacles.
  • No obstacle may exceed 40cm in height.
  • Non-natural sandpits should be between 40 and 80 metres long and a minimum of 6m wide, should be on a straight section of course, and have a level entrance and exit.
  • The single section of planks on the courses shall be 2 planks, between 4 and 6m apart with a maximum height of 40cm.
  • In warm weather (only considered when the temperature is above 20 degrees C), feeding will be permitted in the pit lane, but not in the first 2 and last 2 laps.

Full UCI rules


The numbers correspond to UCI regulations and any alteration (including folding and crumpling) reduces the readability. Such alternations may incur as $30 fine issued by the Chief Commissiare.

What is Cyclo-cross?

Cyclo-cross is a discipline of cycling that is growing quickly due to its accessibility (mountain bikes welcome in novice categories) and inclusive atmosphere (no one is serious here). With attainable race times (only 30-60 minutes!), short courses (usually around 2-3km's), and fun factor (barriers, run-ups, dirt, loud spectators, prizes, smiles, and more), it's no wonder everyone is eager to get their 'cross on!

Pumpkin Cross is one of the coolest events in the province, because of its festive Halloween theme (costume prizes determined by popular vote, creepy course decor!), free kid's race, challenging and entertaining course, and party atmosphere (music, announcer, BBQ, costumes, prizes)!

Put Pumpkin Cross on your calendar today and race it this Sunday, November 2! (Yes, it is a couple of days after Halloween this year, but do you really need another excuse to wear a costume?!)

Pumpkin Cross has attracted large fields of Novice Women because we make it easy! Photo: Paul Craig

Pumpkin Cross has attracted large fields of Novice Women because we make it easy! Photo: Paul Craig

Pumpkin Cross Beginner Women's Clinic & Race Deal

We are all about inspiring more people to ride bikes, so we're offering a special clinic and registration special for first-time racers in the Beginner Women's category. Have all the fun you possibly can at Pumpkin Cross 2014 for only $15 + $10 one-event license/insurance! Plus, your registration includes a basic cyclo-cross skills clinic aimed at novice women riders the day before the race (Nov. 1)!

Date: November 1, 2014
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Cost: FREE for Beginner Women
Location: Pumpkin Cross Race Venue - North Alouette Greenway Park, located on Park Lane just off of 132 Ave. in Maple Ridge

Thank You to all of our Sponsors:
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