Welcome to the 10th Annual Pumpkin Cross cyclocross race presented by Local Ride Bike Racing on Sunday, October 30, 2016!  This fun and action-packed family cycling event is traditionally Halloween-themed and features best costume prizes. The event is geared to all abilities and ages of cyclists with the number one goal of having a great and spoooky time on two wheels.


What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross is a discipline of cycling that is growing quickly due to its accessibility (mountain bikes welcome in novice categories) and inclusive atmosphere (no one is serious here). With attainable race times (only 30-60 minutes!), short courses (usually around 2-3km's), and fun factor (barriers, run-ups, dirt, loud spectators, prizes, smiles, and more), it's no wonder everyone is eager to get their 'cross on!

Pumpkin Cross is one of the coolest events in the province, because of its festive Halloween theme (costume prizes determined by popular vote, creepy course decor!), free kid's race, challenging and entertaining course, and party atmosphere (music, announcer, BBQ, costumes, prizes)!

Put Pumpkin Cross on your calendar today and race it Sunday, October 30! (Yes, it is 1-day before Halloween this year, but do you really need another excuse to wear a costume?!)

Cycling BC Premier Cross Series

Pumpkin Cross is also part of the Cycling BC Premier Cross series.  For series information and current standings, please go to:  

LIV Beginner Women’s Race Clinic

We are all about inspiring more people to ride bikes, so we're offering a special clinic and registration special for first-time racers in the Beginner Women's category. Have all the fun you possibly can at Pumpkin Cross 2016 for only $20 + $10 one-event license/insurance! Plus, your registration includes a basic cyclocross skills clinic aimed at novice women riders the day before the race (Oct. 29th)!

Date: October 29, 2016
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Cost: FREE for Beginner Women registered in Pumpkin Cross
Location: Pumpkin Cross Race Venue - North Alouette Greenway Park, located on Park Lane just off of 132 Ave. in Maple Ridge

Parking and Venue

We will once again be using the Maple Ridge Equi-Sport Centre / North Alouette Greenway Park, located on Park Lane just off of 132 Ave. in Maple Ridge. Racers will be treated to a fabulous course, with some spooky technical twists, plenty of slimy, off-camber grass, some screaming fast gravel, and wicked barriers.

Please join us post event for food and beverages at the Rockin Horse Pub at the MR Equi-Sport Centre.

Course Map


***Note: Please no pre-riding of the course until race morning. This is horse territory and horses and bikes tend not to get along. Thank you for your understanding.  The course is subject to change.


Registration closes 30 minutes prior to each race. Save time on race morning and register online.  


Please bring your VCXC Chip for the race.

· Pre-Registered: $30 online until 11:59pm, Friday October 28th
· Day-of: $40 (cash only) – Please pre-register.  Save cash, make race day run smoother.
· First Time Women racing C category: $30 (includes license)
· U19, U17, U15, U13: $20
· Kids Race: Free


· Call-Up - Top 5 all-up will be based on BC Premier Cross series standings with the rest of the top 20 in order of registration. 

If you have pre-registered, please print off a Waiver, sign it and bring it to the race.
If you also require a 1-day license, please fill out the One Event License Form and bring it along to the race.
If you have not pre-registered, please print and fill out the registration form plus the waiver and 1-day license (if required).  Please bring the exact change for payment.
Your help with this will help make registration / sign-on run smoother.


·       Riders are eligible to race Beginner and Intermediate categories with a Cycling BC citizen license. 
·       Elite (A) riders must hold a UCI race license.
·       1 day licenses will also be available for $5 youth and $10 adult.
·       US riders with domestic license can purchase a 1 day license for $12.  Proof of out of country medical coverage is also required.


·       Elite Men and Women
·       Master Men and Women 40+
·       Intermediate Men and Women
·       Beginner Men and Women
·       Single Speed
·       U13 / U15 Boys and Girls

*Category race age is as of December 31, 2016

RACE Schedule

Beginner (C) Men       
U13 / U15 Boys               
Beginner (C) Women              
U13 / U15 Girls            
Elite (A Men                 
Master Men 40+                
Elite (A) Women            
Beginner / Youth Podium  
Kids Race                     
Elite / Master Podium                    
Intermediate (B) Men             
Intermediate Women             
Master 40+ Women           
Single Speed              
Final Podium

10:00 am
10:00 am
10:02 am
10:02 am
11:00 am
11:02 am
11:04 am
11:15 am
12 pm
12:15 pm                                            
12:30 pm
12:32 pm
12:32 pm
12:34 pm
1:30 am

*Start times and category groupings are subject to change.  If this occurs, we will email all pre-registered racers of changes.  These changes will be posted at day of race.

Category Structure and Race Duration


Elite (A)


Intermediate (B)


Beginner (C)


Kids Race 

Race Duration

Men - 60 Minutes
Women - 45 Minutes
Master Men 40+ - 45 Minutes

Men - 45 Minutes
Women – 45 Minutes
Single Speed – 45 Minutes
Master Women 40+ - 45 minutes

Novice Men – 30 Minutes
Novice Women – 30 Minutes
U15, U13 Boy’s and Girl’s – 30 Minutes

Laps of modified course

Note:  Categories are self-seeding.   It is the responsibility of the rider to race in the appropriate category which best matches their skills, experience and fitness level. 

Some category guidelines are:

·       Elite – Cat 1, 2 and strong Cat 3 and Junior riders.
·       Intermediate – Cat 3, 4 riders with cyclocross racing experience.
·       Beginner – Novice riders, first timers and those just entering the sport. 
·       Master Men 40+ - For those who are 40 years of age as of December 31, 2016.
·       All racers age is as of December 31, 2016.

Category Upgrade

  • A riders accumulating 2 wins or 3 top five finishes in races within a specific category will be required to up-grade to the next category level.   Cycling BC will do its best to track up-grades, although it is the responsibility of the riders to self-upgrade.
  • For categories averaging 10 or less riders, 3 wins brings an automatic up-grade.  All riders are eligible to appeal any up-grade.
  • Master 40 + riders with the required up-grade requirements are recommended to race with the Elite group.

Lapped Riders

  • All lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the first place finisher.  If there are 45+ in a category, lapped riders may be pulled by the commissaire.


  • Prizes will be awarded at the end of each start wave
  • There will be equal prizing for men and women.  

Podium and Awards

  • All riders receiving awards are required to attend the podium presentation, and wear proper cycling attire (clean cycling kit) as per UCI rules.   In theme based races, which involve costumes, your team/club jersey is still recommended.  Failure to do so can result in loss of prize or award.
  •  Particular to cyclocross – UCI rules 5.1.055 reads that for the official ceremony those involved are permitted to wear additional clothing.


  • There will be a minimum of 2 Commissaires attending Pumpkin Cross.

Bike Requirements

  • Mountain and Hybrid bikes are allowed for Beginner races.  Cyclocross bikes are highly recommended.  No Fat Bikes allowed.
  • Cyclocross bikes are required for Intermediate and Master races.  No Mountain or Fat Bikes allowed.
  • Elite races will be subject to UCI rules when it comes to equipment.  This is to help prepare our Elite racers for Nationals and other UCI races.